Dec 29, 2008

Effects Of The Hat

Effects Of The Hat

Dad got a hat for Christmas and it seems to have the same effect on his sons and grandsons.

Dec 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Have a very "Double Bubble" Christmas from the Butler boys and the neighbor kid , Kurt.

Christmas At Our house 1973

Christmas at our house with Uncle Jerry, Aunt Laura and Monroe the deer.
Monroe did become more than just Dads trophy,
he became a member of the family but I will go into that in a later post.

Me, Shari, and Brett digging our presents.

I also noticed some of Mom's candles in the bottom corner.
A Nativity and a snowman.

More pictures of the candles HERE.

In this one I noticed a Rip VanWinkle decorative bottle,
up on the mantel,that Dad received as a gift.

It did have whiskey in it but the seal went unbroken for years
until we had a get together.
Dad spotted the broken seal after our guests left, so he must have saw them drink it.
We asked "What did it taste like?".
Dad said "Nasty" but this didn't satisfy our curiosity and we didn't stop asking the question.
So Dad had us drink some vanilla extract and that stopped our questions.
Nasty was right.

His hat unscrewed.

I also noticed someone playing with Tarzan

I posted some better pics with him HERE.

It also got posted on the site MEGO Museum which is dedicated to these toys. HERE

Dec 19, 2008

Christmas At Grandma Whites 1973 (3)

Brett eating and Dougie checking out the presents under the tree.

Look what Brett has! A View-Master with a projector!
I also see a Snoopy toothbrush holder on the floor.

Grandmas advent calendar can be seen hanging on the wall behind Brett.
We had one too.
Each pocket held and ornament that we would hang on the felt tree each day until Christmas.
Brett always got to hang up the 17th because it was his birthday. That pocket held Rudolph because it was Brett's favorite ornament.

It was a sad day when we had to throw ours away but one of the cats dyed it yellow.

Chad has a puzzle and a semi truck.

I got a typewriter that I think Sondra wants.

This typewriter ended up in a tree fort and we mostly used it to type on our fingers.
We checked it for any "dropped" letters
after watching a Brady Bunch episode
and like to see how all the mechanics worked.

Aunt Loraine helps Chad with his semi while Mom looks on.

Dee Dee oversees the crowd while I look mad.

I remember being disappointed because I didn't get a toy for Christmas.
Mom told me how I was growing up and harder to by for.
Everyone has learned since then that I am easy to buy for,
just buy me a toy.

Naked tree until the next year.

Pebbles Air Ride 4

Pebbles Air ride 4

"Quick, Wilma, we'll go after her in this pedal plane!"

Dec 18, 2008

Christmas Cheese Cake

These are from my Mom's pinup calendar.

Its probably not real smart to pick on a parent before Christmas.
Though I have used some restraint Mom.
I found some more swim suit pictures and I did not post them...


Christmas At Grandma Whites 1973 (2)

Thats Grandma White wearing red in the center of the picture.
She seems to be basking in the glow of a house full family.

I can smell the noodles and rolls that greeted you at the door even now.

Who else do I see?
Uncle Jerry (a.k.a. Wolfman Jack) sitting on the couch.
Rhonda holding her doll.
Dave with an attitude.
The back of Chad's head.

Here we see Mom's hind end and Grandpa Chet in the background.
Uncle Jerry's giving a glare.
Rhonda showing Uncle Myron her doll this time.

Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Carol opening a crock pot that I think all the Aunts got for Christmas that year.
I think Mom still uses hers.

My Mom is in the white dress and I don't know who it is in the red shirt.
I do see my Aunt Laura in the background though.

Pebbles Air Ride 3

Pebbles Air ride 3

"She's let go, Fred and that pterodactyl, has her!"

Dec 16, 2008

Christmas At Grandma Whites 1973 (1)

The tree was stacked full at Grandmas house, Christmas 1973.

If memory serves me right I think we got together on Christmas Eve at Grandmas.

I remember Dad having the radio on on the way home.
We would listen to Santa reports from the airports radar.

Dad would point to a red light in the sky and say "Look its Rudolph, you better go to sleep in the car!"

Worked every time.

The twins, Sondra and Rhonda, have new baby dolls.

I remember these but I can't recall the name of them.
They had beans in them but I know its not Beanie babies, that was much later.

I see Sondra in the background enjoying her doll with Uncle Ray.
Cousin Dave has some new Socker Boppers.

These inflatable gloves made boxing fun and safe for everyone.
Yeah right.
They could snap your opponents head back faster than any bare fist.
These sent your brother crying to your Mom while you couldn't help but giggle.
Which made your Mother think you were a heartless thug.

Who bought them for us?

Well Sondra wasn't afraid of Dave and his Socker Boppers,

Shari and Dee Dee have their Styrofoam plates ready!

More of this Christmas to come.

Pebbles Air Ride 2

Pebbles Air Ride

"That's why not!" Wilma cried, "Oh Fred! Do something!"

Dec 10, 2008


Yeah like we built this snowman. No that would be my Moms handy work.
1973 and we had a Santa snowman so we were guaranteed a stop by him.

Where were we? 1451 Lexington.

We posed with Dad in a picture I posted HERE and we talked about our favorite gloves there.

Chad is eating the snowman with his Tweety gloved hand and sporting his dog puppet on his other hand.

Bugs and Yosemite Sam for Brett and I

Mom built some other cool snowmen so when I find some of those pictures I will post them.

Dec 5, 2008


Looks like a skating party on the pond next to our house.

I recognize Mom, Brett and Chad in this slide.

Who do you see?

Pebbles Air Ride View Master

Pebbles Air ride

"Don't give her the balloon!"
"Why not?"
Fred asked.

Dec 4, 2008

Duke, The Super Action Dog!

It's Christmas time again and we have loads of Christmas slides here at the What My Dad Saw headquarters.

Lets begin.

Do you think I was pleasantly surprised with this present?

What is it that I am so stoked about?

Duke, The Super Action Dog by Kenner!

He could bite on to this handle and slide down a cable as well as carry a flashlight in his mouth.

I remember stringing him up on the bar and watching him glide into action into our living room.

Looks like Chad got the cool Fisher Price Castle play set.

I also noticed some ornaments that I just hung on my tree this weekend hanging on our tree in the background.

I don't know what a monk has to do with Christmas but I remember painting him.

You can see more about Duke HERE

Wilma Learns To Drive 7

"Oh, you mean
I'm to turn this, not just hold on?"


Stay tuned Pebbles and Bamm Bamm are next!

Dec 3, 2008

Chad Being, Chad

Is he fussing or just being Chad?

Wilma Learns To Drive 6

"Look Fred a driver training school."

Ha! Look at Fred's face.

Dec 2, 2008

Brian Learns To Drive

Playing around on Uncle Georges truck.

Wilma Learns To Drive 5

Oh, boy, that
was a close

This one always kinda scared me as a kid.

I remember that it was the dinosaurs face that I didn't want to look at but then had to.

Dec 1, 2008

Rub A Dub Dub

I think the Snoopy and Panda are from Avon, Chad is from Indianapolis.

Wilma Learns To Drive 4

Not right!"