Dec 16, 2008

Christmas At Grandma Whites 1973 (1)

The tree was stacked full at Grandmas house, Christmas 1973.

If memory serves me right I think we got together on Christmas Eve at Grandmas.

I remember Dad having the radio on on the way home.
We would listen to Santa reports from the airports radar.

Dad would point to a red light in the sky and say "Look its Rudolph, you better go to sleep in the car!"

Worked every time.

The twins, Sondra and Rhonda, have new baby dolls.

I remember these but I can't recall the name of them.
They had beans in them but I know its not Beanie babies, that was much later.

I see Sondra in the background enjoying her doll with Uncle Ray.
Cousin Dave has some new Socker Boppers.

These inflatable gloves made boxing fun and safe for everyone.
Yeah right.
They could snap your opponents head back faster than any bare fist.
These sent your brother crying to your Mom while you couldn't help but giggle.
Which made your Mother think you were a heartless thug.

Who bought them for us?

Well Sondra wasn't afraid of Dave and his Socker Boppers,

Shari and Dee Dee have their Styrofoam plates ready!

More of this Christmas to come.

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