Dec 19, 2008

Christmas At Grandma Whites 1973 (3)

Brett eating and Dougie checking out the presents under the tree.

Look what Brett has! A View-Master with a projector!
I also see a Snoopy toothbrush holder on the floor.

Grandmas advent calendar can be seen hanging on the wall behind Brett.
We had one too.
Each pocket held and ornament that we would hang on the felt tree each day until Christmas.
Brett always got to hang up the 17th because it was his birthday. That pocket held Rudolph because it was Brett's favorite ornament.

It was a sad day when we had to throw ours away but one of the cats dyed it yellow.

Chad has a puzzle and a semi truck.

I got a typewriter that I think Sondra wants.

This typewriter ended up in a tree fort and we mostly used it to type on our fingers.
We checked it for any "dropped" letters
after watching a Brady Bunch episode
and like to see how all the mechanics worked.

Aunt Loraine helps Chad with his semi while Mom looks on.

Dee Dee oversees the crowd while I look mad.

I remember being disappointed because I didn't get a toy for Christmas.
Mom told me how I was growing up and harder to by for.
Everyone has learned since then that I am easy to buy for,
just buy me a toy.

Naked tree until the next year.

1 comment:

Me said...

You are so spoiled! You still pout like that if you don't get a toy for Christmas.

And just to set the record straight - the cat did not stain the advent calendar yellow. It was hung every year on the kitchen door in our house in Morgantown; but during one bad, snowy winter the kitchen ceiling leaked and it dripped on the calendar - making a rusty stain. A very sad day indeed.

The kids still complain that we don't have that advent calendar any more - but they know enough not to blame the cat! I miss it too - the calendar not the cat.