Dec 4, 2008

Duke, The Super Action Dog!

It's Christmas time again and we have loads of Christmas slides here at the What My Dad Saw headquarters.

Lets begin.

Do you think I was pleasantly surprised with this present?

What is it that I am so stoked about?

Duke, The Super Action Dog by Kenner!

He could bite on to this handle and slide down a cable as well as carry a flashlight in his mouth.

I remember stringing him up on the bar and watching him glide into action into our living room.

Looks like Chad got the cool Fisher Price Castle play set.

I also noticed some ornaments that I just hung on my tree this weekend hanging on our tree in the background.

I don't know what a monk has to do with Christmas but I remember painting him.

You can see more about Duke HERE

1 comment:

Dee Emm Elms said...

Found your page looking for info on DUKE - THE SUPER ACTION DOG. I'd been confused by a Christmas picture of a toy I remembered owning but did not know its name - possibly because my folks liked to throw away the boxes to make sure it looked like Santa hand-made all the toys.

Here's the picture you can see so you know you're not alone in loving your Christmas gift of DUKE - THE SUPER ACTION DOG. Look at my feet - it's the set with the emergency harness and kit.