Dec 18, 2008

Christmas At Grandma Whites 1973 (2)

Thats Grandma White wearing red in the center of the picture.
She seems to be basking in the glow of a house full family.

I can smell the noodles and rolls that greeted you at the door even now.

Who else do I see?
Uncle Jerry (a.k.a. Wolfman Jack) sitting on the couch.
Rhonda holding her doll.
Dave with an attitude.
The back of Chad's head.

Here we see Mom's hind end and Grandpa Chet in the background.
Uncle Jerry's giving a glare.
Rhonda showing Uncle Myron her doll this time.

Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Carol opening a crock pot that I think all the Aunts got for Christmas that year.
I think Mom still uses hers.

My Mom is in the white dress and I don't know who it is in the red shirt.
I do see my Aunt Laura in the background though.

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