Dec 24, 2008

Christmas At Our house 1973

Christmas at our house with Uncle Jerry, Aunt Laura and Monroe the deer.
Monroe did become more than just Dads trophy,
he became a member of the family but I will go into that in a later post.

Me, Shari, and Brett digging our presents.

I also noticed some of Mom's candles in the bottom corner.
A Nativity and a snowman.

More pictures of the candles HERE.

In this one I noticed a Rip VanWinkle decorative bottle,
up on the mantel,that Dad received as a gift.

It did have whiskey in it but the seal went unbroken for years
until we had a get together.
Dad spotted the broken seal after our guests left, so he must have saw them drink it.
We asked "What did it taste like?".
Dad said "Nasty" but this didn't satisfy our curiosity and we didn't stop asking the question.
So Dad had us drink some vanilla extract and that stopped our questions.
Nasty was right.

His hat unscrewed.

I also noticed someone playing with Tarzan

I posted some better pics with him HERE.

It also got posted on the site MEGO Museum which is dedicated to these toys. HERE

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