Dec 7, 2007

Christmas 5

This is a continuation from yesterdays Christmas post.

Cool fireplace and in the fore ground is Mom Christmas candles.

I think I liked the igloos best.

I miss the Christmas candles. Dad stored them in the hot attic and when we got them down they were the Christmas candle collage. They had melted into one big mass. Sad day.

The photo is Shari with the Mego action figure Tarzan, Brett and the back of my head.

Here is a Mego commercial you can watch.

With commercials like that no wonder we wanted them for Christmas.

I have the Batcopter that is shown in this commercial but I didn't have it as a kid. Some kind soul, who knew I liked Batman stuff gave it to me later.

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Emmalea said...

I miss the candles too. Those very candles had been a treasure when I was a kid. It is amazing that they lasted to be a memory to my children as well. My Uncle Willie (Welton) had given them to our family. I think he worked for an ad specialty place around that time. He always had cool stuff in his pockets to show us kids when he came to Sunday dinner at Mom's (his sister). My favorite was the igloos also. You could peek inside and imagine the cold in Alaska. I knew that igloos and heat wouldn't mix - though I do remember being tempted once to light the igloo just so I could see it glow. I'm glad I didn't give in to the temptation. It helped my thought process knowing fullwell that I would also get a whoopin' if I lit any of the candles. I never dreamed the igloo would melt in an attic. What were we thinking? One of the sweetest gifts I received in later years was from Brian and Elaine. They found candles quite similar to the santa and rocking horse and gave them to me one Christmas. Unfortunately - heat was not the only problem for candles in Trafalgar storage. Mice chewed the replacements. And I didn't get to light the replacement candles either! I would not have received a whoopin' if I did - but that is not what stopped me. I loved seeing the duplication of memories of Christmases past. Aren't we all so thankful for photos?! One moment in time - captured for nostalgia and humor. LOVE IT! - mom