Dec 6, 2007

Christmas 4

Christmas 1973.

Shari is in the middle along with Brett, Chad is in the fore ground and you can see the back of my ear.

I can't tell what Brett is holding but I sure can see what I have!

I am holding an Mego Aquaman action figure! It is still in the box too.

I looked it up on Ebay today and a 8 inch Mego Aquaman still in the box is listed at $695.00!

Mine probably sold in a yard sale for a quarter.

Here is a site which posts pictures of kids and their Mego action figures. They said they would post these pictures sometime next week. Link

The Geronimo action figure was cool too. I remember having it for quite a few years and I know I have some pictures of him in the woods that I posed and snapped . I will find them one day and post them too.

They must have made more of them or people took better care of them because you can get one with accessories for around $20.00 on Ebay. Here is what it looked like Link

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