Dec 17, 2007


Here I am all geeked out over a toy that Brett got for his birthday.

I was trying to explain this toy to my kids over the summer.

It went something like this. "We didn't have video or DVD. This was before the Cartoon Network and Disney channel. There were only four T.V. stations but some days UHF came in pretty good and that might have been another two channels but they were very fuzzy. We had a toy that you held up to a light and when you turned the handle you could watch a scene from a movie. You could go as fast as you wanted or as slow. You could even go forward and reverse."

"We only had a couple of movies but we would watch them again and again. Chad would stick them in backwards and then it was hard to get them out. Between the Movie Viewer and View Master we had plenty for our viewing pleasure."

The kids had a hard time visualizing this. So here is a slide of the awesome toy.

I can only remember a couple of movies that we had, The Lonesome Ghost and Bear Trouble.

Brothers do you remember any more?

I remember watching one about the future Space Shuttle but we didn't own it.


Brett had a cool phone that was making me make this face over the weekend.

I see cousins Rhonda, Steve, the back of Chad's head and I am thinking that that is Sondra's nose in the bottom right corner.


Brett said...

I remember the one with Mickey and the ghost, but not the other off hand. I would go so slow that in one frame the ghost wasn't there and the next he was...spooky!

Tracy said...

I had this too and loved it! Can't remember any of the movies but will ask Cara. Like you, she hasn't forgotten anything. I know she has visited the site and thinks it's awesome just like me. Happy to see Brett in the ever present sweater vest. He may find a new one under the Christmas tree this year...

Brian said...

Levi asked for a vest for Christmas, he said they are a chick magnets.

I remember you showing me the ghost disappear! I liked to make the bears dump stuff then run it backwards and all the food would go back into the bowls.