Dec 27, 2007


The peace symbol must have been all the rage when these photos were taken because I am flashing it in every picture and Brett does it it one, Chad is just huggy.

Brett had begun to develop his look of shoulder pads and pants.
It never took off as a fashion trend but that didn't stop him from trying.

You can see the beginning of the word "Hi" in the sunflower that we later completed.

Kids this is in the front yard where a giant tree probably stands now and you can see our station wagon in the driveway.


Brett said...

I remember watching football when we lived on Lexington street and thinking how strong those guys looked. I couldn't wait to play football so I could get the big muscles.(i.e. shoulder pads) The first time I signed up, I pretty sure I slept in the shoulder pads and helmet.

Emmalea said...

Yep, Brett really took to the grid iron gear quickly. And yes, he did sleep wearing gear at least the first week. So far I still have one memory that sticks in my mind of Brett in the back yard - endlessly throwing the football through a tire and running "plays" that included dodging unseen opponents....even succoming to a defensive tackle occasionally -- just for fun. The backyard in Trafalgar became my TV - looking out from the kitchen window. The window is no longer in front of my sink. When the show was over - I talked Dad into moving the kitchen!