Dec 18, 2007

Double Bubble

I found another picture of us in our Double Bubble Stretch N Sew shirts.

We are waiting for the bus on the first day of school. I have my bell bottoms hiked up, it looks like Brett has on his favorite belt and Chad is looking forward to Double Bubble hand me downs.

The mailbox has Moms painting of us as a raccoon family on it.

The most shocking thing in this picture is that you can see the house from the road.
Dad built the house in a cornfield and planted a ton of trees around it, all of which block the view of the house now.

All the trees were saplings. Some trees Dad dug up out of the woods, other he dug out of ditches, some he started off other trees and several he ordered in the mail. But as we would plant each tree he would have us jump over it and then he told us that we could tell our kids that we had jumped over every tree in the yard, which I do every time we visit.

Dad send me a picture of the house now and I will post it.

Here is a close up of the house with bikes, tents, a pool and swings.


Brian said...

I also noticed that Brett and I are wearing our "Crinoid Stem" necklaces.

We found the Crinoid fossils at Aunt Trixie's house in Tompkinsville and then made necklaces out of them.

Brett said...

And behind Chad's elbow, the little buck rack Dad screwed to the post.