Dec 4, 2007

It is in our DNA

Here is a picture of me preforming a skill that I would later develop even further and preform many times in the future.

After watching a "Thats Incredible!" episode I placed my legs behind my head and entertained my friends in gym class as well as in swimming.

Once I went of the diving board and came up treading water with my legs behind my head. The teacher nearly panicked thinking I had broken my back.

I found I was not alone with this skill. My cousin Georgina could do this as well.

I am now proud to tell you that the ability lives on.

My son Levi can do this even better than I could do it.

Please enjoy the video evidence of his skills.


Me said...

Makes a wife and mother proud!!

Tracy said...

Blake can do it too!

Brian said...

I knew Blake and I had a bond, now I know why.