Dec 21, 2007

Christmas 14

My first Christmas (1987) with my new bride!
(This is our 20th!)

What was the name of the dog?


Me said...

Ginger. And why were we the only ones wearing striped nightgowns?

Emmalea said...

Yep, Ginger was the dog. Bob Sanders Sr. hooked me up with her. His mom had her and she couldn't take care of her. I loved that dog.

The newly weds were wearing their first official PJs from Mom and Dad. I thought they were cute - and so did Elaine. She couldn't wait for them to wear them. You can tell it was the first year of marriage - I don't think either one of you would sport PJs for me again. Hmm-maybe this year? Ya think?

Brian - notice your favorite "ELF" on the mantle. It is hugging a goose instead of his knees. Guess he was jealous of the guys and their girls. Tracy was not yet an official Butler and Chad was still waiting on his lifemate. That was the year tanning beds came in fashion and I got to tan free at Franklin Health Club. - Mom