Dec 12, 2007

Blue Jay

Mom commented on "Christmas 6".

I notice one of my paintings on the wall..the big
blue jay painting on a cedar shake. Grandma White loved to watch the blue jays outside the window (behind uncle Ed's head). She would share how mean those birds were to the cardinals...but God made up for their meanness by making them so pretty. In fact, the fact that she actually liked watching birds was something that surprised me about my Mom in her later years. I painted the blue jay for her because of that "surprise". And, out of view on the other side of the shadow box was the mate to her fowl duo...a "lovely" (also oversized) painting of a cardinal. Just goes to show that Mom's are always proud of their kid's artwork - even if their child will be embarrassed by it in later years.

I found some slides of Mom's paintings.

I don't know what your are embarrassed about I always loved and was proud of your paintings.

The raccoon's were my favorite.

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