Dec 10, 2007


I don't know how long Opryland was open but it was open long enough to scar me for life.

It happened while we were waiting in line for the log ride. I remember fussing because we were scared to ride it, (rumor had it that the water was full of water moccasins and that when it splashed you while going down the big hill, the snakes would fly up and land in your log, then bite you), when all of a sudden it felt like a bee stung me on the arm. It was a lit cigarette burning into my arm! Some careless teenager had bumped it into me. I remember Dad giving that kid what for.

This picture looks like it was taken before the searing of my flesh.

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Emmalea said...

No stretch and sew comments? Your shirt and my dress were homemade - same materials. The white design was an anchor in case you couldn't tell. Must not had enough material to make the other guys their shirts to match. Hmmm-since dad took the photo - it may have been because I made him a shirt to match too. If you take the photos-you don't have to freeze yourself in that moment in time.

The burning/scarring incident had its good side too. Brian is not a smoker. Maybe the incident at Opry Land was a good thing after all. TYL! - mom