Dec 26, 2007


Another classic Disney photo 1972.

A photo spot filled with ears and duck bills and as a matter of fact when you squeezed that duck bill it quacked.

We must have squeezed the bill to much because Chad doesn't look that happy and for that matter neither does Mom.
It looks like Brett and I are feeling the Disney love though.


Emmalea said...

There a few things I remember about this trip to Disney that might have been why I was not at my happiest...Chad was not a good traveler, poor dad carried the little guy most of time - no stroller. One nap Chad enjoyed that day was during and hour wait at the Hall of Presidents. We passed him back and forth - but Dad held him most of the time. That first day, the part in my hair sunburned. I think I ended up wearing one of the boy's Mickey ears to protect my brain later. It still hurts when I think about it. It was a great vacation though. Brian and Brett were very in to it - but we had to make another trip or 2 to Disney for Chad to get his thrills. There was even a trip after Niki joined our family. It's been a long time since Dad and I went - but we relive our vacations whenever we see the grown kid's families share their photos.

Tracy said...

Emmalea's comment makes me think we should plan a family Disney trip...

Anonymous said...

Nice hat. Chad!!!

Cuzin Dave