Dec 28, 2007

1451 Lexington

This isn't the first house we lived in but its the first one that I really remember.

I will never forget it's address because Mom taught it to me in the form of a poem.

Say it with me "1451 Lexington". See it rhymes.

This is the house that my Mother grew up in and across the street is where she first met my Dad.

I watched Tweety bird eat birdseed on the front porch and from the same front porch watched Astronauts orbit the Earth on their way to the Moon.

We rode our Big Wheels in the back yard and played Batman, Tarzan, Lone Ranger and Tonto and had many other adventures there.

When I drive by it now I have fond memories of the place but then I have the overwhelming urge to call my parents up and thank them for moving us to the country.

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Emmalea said...

Brett pointed out the UFO in the upper right hand corner of the photo to me. Nice photo-shop job. This photo was taken by the realtor when we sold the house. Since it probably wouldn't have enhanced the sale value of the house, I'm pretty sure they would not have published the photo with a UFO hovering above it.