Dec 11, 2007

Some One is Getting Older

Here we have Brett looking forward to his birthday this weekend.

If memory serves me right this was taken in Metamoria, Indiana on a train there and the date stamp on the slide says 1975.

I have a few photos of Brett I will post this week in hounor of his upcoming birthday this weekend.

Does it make me old if my younger brother is turning 40?


Brett said...

Yes, you are old. I always ask Dad how he's feeling as he's gotten older. And I concur with him, that I don't feel any different than when I was 20, just grayer.

Brian said...

Amen Brother!

Emmalea said...

Grayer? How can anyone tell if you have gray hair, Brett? Now we know why you shave that noggin!Dad and I seriously considered shaving our heads --- but alas, the reality is wrinkles and liver spots would give away our aging anyway. Just so you know --- bald may not necessarily be beautiful, but even patched up hearts and cancer scars don't keep you from feeling young!