Sep 12, 2008

Water Slide

Mom mentioned this park in the comments section of the last post.

Here is what she said.

"My favorite water slide was the one in Jeffersonville - not for the slide itself - but for a memory made there.

That is where Dad lost his mat and went running down the slide after it --- I laughed so hard I cried and was unable to talk.
I got that way every time I recounted the scene. I can still break into a giggle with just the thought of Dad out of control..... a few seconds in time - that although probably could have caused a serious injury -- it evokes such joy in my heart!

I am sick, aren't I?"

I think it was after this event that Dad sat out and took these pictures of us.

Mom sliding fast.

Me being tricky.

I noticed a can of TAB can sitting outside the guardrail in that last slide.

Brett posing for the camera.

Nice brace face.

Backwards Brett.

Here is another water park we went to, Wet and Wild in Florida. I see Chad on a raft.

Sep 10, 2008

Zoom Floom

This was the first water slide that I ever heard of The Zoom Floom in Bloomington.

I know we went once with a bunch of kids from Nashville on a day trip and then we went with Mom and Dad.

I was talking one day to a guy at work and he said his cousins were the ones that built the Zoom Floom.

I sent him these pictures to see if he recognized anyone in them and he said just you.
My family still loves water slides but the Zoom Floom is gone and we go to Holiday World instead. They have a lot more slides but it was cool going to one of the first.

I found a flicker set that shows how the ZOOM FLOOM looked a couple of years ago.

Sep 5, 2008

Alpine Slide

The Alpine slide in Gatlinburg Tennessee.

I still remember this ride. It was fun and fast.

Apparently it was so fast that my chin morphed into Jay Leno's and my forehead began too bulge.

I knew Brett was going faster than me but wow he is just a blur but why was he going faster?

Oh! I see what he is chasing . . . . a girl.

Maybe I am jumping to a conclusion, maybe there is just a girl in front of him.

Lets look closer and see.

The look on his face is . . . kinda like Jay Leno too.

My fore head looks like it is about to burst.