Sep 10, 2008

Zoom Floom

This was the first water slide that I ever heard of The Zoom Floom in Bloomington.

I know we went once with a bunch of kids from Nashville on a day trip and then we went with Mom and Dad.

I was talking one day to a guy at work and he said his cousins were the ones that built the Zoom Floom.

I sent him these pictures to see if he recognized anyone in them and he said just you.
My family still loves water slides but the Zoom Floom is gone and we go to Holiday World instead. They have a lot more slides but it was cool going to one of the first.

I found a flicker set that shows how the ZOOM FLOOM looked a couple of years ago.


Emmalea said...

How sad to see the Zoom Floom so aged. I wish I hadn't seen the photo of it now.

Seeing the post, I could still hear the squeals and see the water dripping as you guys climed it over and over to experience the ZOOM just one more time.

But my favorite water slide was the one in Jeffersonville - not for the slide itself - but for a memory made there. That is where Dad lost his mat and went running down the slide after it --- I laughed so hard I cried and was unable to talk. I got that way every time I recounted the scene. I can still break into a giggle with just the thought of Dad out of control..... a few seconds in time - that although probably could have caused a serious injury -- it evokes such joy in my heart! I am sick, aren't I?

R~N~A said...
What it looks like now. 8/22/2013

Unknown said...

When are these pictures from? I'm curious to know when the water slide was functional. Also do you know when it was built and when/why it was shut down? I wish I could have experienced the Zoom Floom in all its glory.

Anonymous said...

From the late 70's not sure why it closed.

Nate0610 said...

i rode on it in the summer of 1984. They closed it for safety reasons - it was built from concrete, which resulted in a huge number of injuries. I hit my head and blacked out on it, but there were also reports of broken legs and arms, and my dad skinned his legs on it. Ill conceived and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

It was shut down do balls of snakes and bites

Ethan McDowell said...

I rode it a few times when I was at Summer Camp at Ransburg. It was our Thursday evening treat away from camp. We always looked forward to the scrapes and bruises from the flume.