Sep 12, 2008

Water Slide

Mom mentioned this park in the comments section of the last post.

Here is what she said.

"My favorite water slide was the one in Jeffersonville - not for the slide itself - but for a memory made there.

That is where Dad lost his mat and went running down the slide after it --- I laughed so hard I cried and was unable to talk.
I got that way every time I recounted the scene. I can still break into a giggle with just the thought of Dad out of control..... a few seconds in time - that although probably could have caused a serious injury -- it evokes such joy in my heart!

I am sick, aren't I?"

I think it was after this event that Dad sat out and took these pictures of us.

Mom sliding fast.

Me being tricky.

I noticed a can of TAB can sitting outside the guardrail in that last slide.

Brett posing for the camera.

Nice brace face.

Backwards Brett.

Here is another water park we went to, Wet and Wild in Florida. I see Chad on a raft.


Emmalea said...

Oh great! The photos brought back yet another memory. Dad remembered this one about me. That orange suit I was wearing! I had forgotten my suit when I packed. I quick trip to the nearest K-Mart for the cheapest suit I could find - didn't turn out that great. I am thankful the photos don't reveal that the suit became see-through when it was wet! Luckily Dad noticed that right away and I was able to wrap the mat around me like a donut as I walked up the slide after the discovery. It was another one of those lessons on "you get what you pay for".

Also - Dad and I agree - the Wet and Wild was not in Florida. It too was near the triple slides. I think it was across the street. It was a different time - but the same vicinity and our first encounter with a wave pool.

Although we only have had the one trip with you guys to Holiday World a couple of years ago - it has it all and SO much fun. Our our fav now is the Lazy River!

brett said...

Nice try putting your face on the buff dude in the first picture!

Brian said...

I wondered if you were still out there Brett.