Oct 3, 2008

Been Jaming

I apologize for the lack of posts lately but its been crazy busy for me.

I have been jammed and in high school I was Jamming. ( Nice segue!)

Notice some things in my room.

• Cheap Trick poster with autographs that I got by standing in a Karma records store in Greenwood and waiting for them all day

• A picture of Elaine and I's first "Date"

• Basketball lamp

• A picture of my band "Business District" (As you are looking at it I am on the far right)

• My guitar case complete with hat and bandannas

• Skinny rock and roll thin tie (pretied so I could just slip it on)

• letter, numeral and a couple of conference patches for track

• Albums, Vikings helmet bank, and harmonica on dresser

• Customized, SG knock off, checked guitar. YEAH!!!!!!

1 comment:

Emmalea said...

If only I would have known....I could have taken photos of knooks and crannies for your latter years entertainment. You left out a couple of close ups to add to the highlights...the chains that hung your "bed" from the ceiling....and your adorable innie belly button! After the trip down memory lane with you - lurkers may feel kids today aren't really as weird as some might think. ~ mom