Oct 9, 2008

The Adventure Begins

Looks like we were having some fun with the sand pile while they were building our house.

I don't remember this but I remember our trips down to see how construction was going.

Finding red wing blackbirds, exploring the creek and climbing all over the house.

Every time I drive through our old neighborhood it makes me want to call Mom and Dad and thank them for moving us to the country.

Thanks Mom and Dad.


brett said...

Through the years, I have wondered what my life would have been like had we not moved to the country. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Emmalea said...

You know - we believe you were destined to be good kids and wonderful adults no matter where you would have grown up - but GOD provided a way for us to give you a taste of life that your dad loved. We are thankful that God gave such great kids. It is nice to know you liked your life - and a thank you now and then goes a long way to keep our hearts happy. You are VERY welcome.
WE love you all.