Feb 25, 2010


Our parents were always safety conscious.
They didn't take us to see the dangerous killer whales at Marineland.

They took us to see the surfing dog show.

Feb 24, 2010

Snow Time

Mom is feeling the Olympic spirit.
She is doing her Dorthy Hamill impersonation.
Mom did go as far as to have her hair cut to the Dorthy Hamill camel style.

I think this was taken in Columbus or Bloomington in 1974.

The old Datsun B210 buried in the snow.
It didn't take too much snow to bury this little car though.
I still can't believe all five of us rode in this car on vacation.
Dad drove it all the way to Boonesborough, Kentucky.

While we were on vacation there Dad took us to see this new movie, the guys at work were talking about, Star Wars!

A cozy ice covered house.

A shot from the back of the property towards our newly constructed home.

Feb 23, 2010

House Progression

It looks like the construction workers are coming along pretty well with the new house.
Date, 1974.

The foreman, Mom, is overseeing the framing.

This is taken form the living room looking into the kitchen.

Starting to hang some drywall.

In the garage looking through the wall, into the living room and out the living room windows.

Mom seems overwhelmed or is she just hiding from the camera. You decide.

We are now in the garage looking into the living room. You can also see where the floor steps up for the kitchen.
The wall to the left is no longer there.

We are now in the kitchen looking into a bonus room.
I guess we called it a bonus room. I don't really remember ever using this room until we took the wall out.
Then it became a dining room and is now the kitchen today.
Before then I think that it was Mom's art room.

I know at times it held our second TV.
It was a portable, small TV that was usually in Mom and Dad's room but was in this room from time to time.
The cool thing about this TV, besides being our second TV, was that it was covered in Wrangler jean material.How cool was that?
As I was saying. This TV was normally in Mom and Dads room but I know it was in this craft room sometimes too.
I remember sneaking in the room to watch "Kiss meets the Phantom of the amusement park" in 1978. They told me not to watch it after I had lobbied to do so.
So while we were watching whatever we were watching I would get up from time to time to sneak a peek of the show on this Wrangler TV.
It was one of the most watched television movies in 1978 but is also known as one of the worst movies ever made.
I thought it seemed weird because I only caught bits and pieces of it but no, it just stunk.
I should have listened to Mom and Dad.

There I am in background in the days before I watched lame-o TV movies on the sly.
Chad is in the foreground with a stick sword attacking Dad.

More drywall.

The place is really starting to come together.

Feb 18, 2010

Sledding 1974


Sledding at Uncle George's house in 1974.

This was such a great hill for sledding and it holds so many great memories for me growing up.
We always wished that there was some way to automate getting us and our sleds back up this huge hill.
We never did find away to do it but this is what it would have looked like if I would have had my way back then.

Feb 17, 2010


Chad posing for Sears catalog, 1977.

Feb 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Dad broke out the tuxedo and sprang for a happy meal valentine from McDonald's in 1974.

You might think that is a little sappy.

But hey. It worked for him.

Just look at the love on their faces.

Feb 11, 2010

Want Some Art?

Now is your chance to buy some art from one of What My Dad Saw's favorite artists, Brian Ashmore.

He is selling a few of his sketch cards that he did for Topps Star Wars Clone Wars.
You could buy a pack and see if you're lucky enough to get an artist's card or you can go to the links below and buy one.

and HERE

The Yoda ones are my favorites.

You can see more of the cards he drew HERE.

I hope this makes up for this post where I picked on him.


I found two more slides of Mom and her awesome Santa snowman.

What a sculpture!
I have posted on this before HERE, HERE and HERE.

Feb 10, 2010

On Frozen Pond

Playing on the pond next to our house in 1977.

I am not sure who all are in this slide but I see Mom in the center with Brett and Chad behind her.
I am off to the lef,t down on my knees, trying to see through the ice "What is on the bottom of the pond?" "Can I see fish swim?" I was thinking.

There are a group of three to the right that I can't tell who they are.

Feb 5, 2010

Front Porch

The family standing in the front door of what will one day be our front porch.

We have got to zoom in on this group.

Mom was camo before camo was cool.
This was 1974 and if you don't believe me look at the collars!
Chad is in his overalls, Brett is the height of fashion and I have my Joe Nameth jersey on.

It was always fun to come down and explore the house back then.
We would come down most days after Dad got off work. We would come down to see what had been done on the house that day or days.
It was fun to climb around on everything before it was done being built.
I remember walking around the edge of the porch pit like high wire walker.
If we fell in it was certain death.
At least injury.
It was pretty deep and they threw all kinds of scrap stuff in there to help fill up the hole.
Maybe Dad said he would kill us if we got hurt.
It was a lethal game one way or another.

Looks like they used the garage to prestain the molding this trip down.

We couldn't wait to move in to our little house on the prairie.

Feb 4, 2010

Weird Week

Sorry for the lack of posts this week but the space bar on my keyboard quit working.
So I didn't post any.

Did I mention that I spilled a little, tiny, bit of water on it?
What a Boneheaded move.

Today started out nice though.
I got a picture sent to me from my son Joel.
His picture showed me the good seats that he had for the symphony today.

I answer him and received another text right away.
I figured that it was from Joel but it was not.
It is from my friend Brian A.

He sends me this nice view of Montana.

He also said the he had made the "Bonehead move of the week".
He is so competitive.

Keep in mind that I spilled a very tiny bit of water on my keyboard earlier in the week.
This was a Bonehead move.
Brian A. had knocked his garage door of track this week.
He had shoveld snow and then leaned the shovel up against the track of the garage door.
When he went to close the garage door it popped off it's track.
He fixed it and then did it again before finding the shovel in the way of the garage door.

In the spirit of competition he locked himself out of his house and car today.
His wife was on her way to help him but it was gonna take her about an hour to get there.
So I thought I would help him pass the time.

He said it was pretty cold there so I told him how warm I was.
I also suggested that he play with the wagon and I even double dog dared him to lick a flagpole to pass the time.

He passed on the flag pole licking but took me up on playing with the wagon.

He restated how cold it was so I again tried to warm him up by telling him how cozy I was.
I do what I can to help.

Then he tried to blame me for him locking himself out.
He said "I took a picture of the road and how it was snowing on the way home from taking Clark to school. I wanted to see if I could send a picture with a text. So, I thought I'd send you a pic of our snow when I got home. When I stopped in the driveway, I started messing with my phone to see the picture I took while driving. So, I got out of the truck and locked it while leaving the keys in the ignition. ".

Blame me if it helps.

Don't worry he was rescued by his wife.

He looks like he might be in trouble though.

So he is the hands down winner of the "Bonehead" award.

For this week anyway.