Feb 23, 2010

House Progression

It looks like the construction workers are coming along pretty well with the new house.
Date, 1974.

The foreman, Mom, is overseeing the framing.

This is taken form the living room looking into the kitchen.

Starting to hang some drywall.

In the garage looking through the wall, into the living room and out the living room windows.

Mom seems overwhelmed or is she just hiding from the camera. You decide.

We are now in the garage looking into the living room. You can also see where the floor steps up for the kitchen.
The wall to the left is no longer there.

We are now in the kitchen looking into a bonus room.
I guess we called it a bonus room. I don't really remember ever using this room until we took the wall out.
Then it became a dining room and is now the kitchen today.
Before then I think that it was Mom's art room.

I know at times it held our second TV.
It was a portable, small TV that was usually in Mom and Dad's room but was in this room from time to time.
The cool thing about this TV, besides being our second TV, was that it was covered in Wrangler jean material.How cool was that?
As I was saying. This TV was normally in Mom and Dads room but I know it was in this craft room sometimes too.
I remember sneaking in the room to watch "Kiss meets the Phantom of the amusement park" in 1978. They told me not to watch it after I had lobbied to do so.
So while we were watching whatever we were watching I would get up from time to time to sneak a peek of the show on this Wrangler TV.
It was one of the most watched television movies in 1978 but is also known as one of the worst movies ever made.
I thought it seemed weird because I only caught bits and pieces of it but no, it just stunk.
I should have listened to Mom and Dad.

There I am in background in the days before I watched lame-o TV movies on the sly.
Chad is in the foreground with a stick sword attacking Dad.

More drywall.

The place is really starting to come together.


Brian Ashmore said...

Love that TV!!! I've never seen ANYTHING like that before.

... and you're right about Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park. It's definitely one of the worst movies of all time. It's taken on a "Plan 9 from Outer Space" type of following these days. So terrible that it's kind of fun to watch.

Emmalea said...

The Wrangler TV was the closest we would get to a color TV for about another 15 years. It was a birthday gift from Dad to Mom - and I was shocked that he got it. Even though it was black and white - it was one of the few things that was just mine. That seemed important to me -- till I got it. Then it seemed wrong to have something I didn't share with the kids - so it soon was moved around and used be everyone. I really did think it was SO cute and I felt special every time we watched it.
Brian you are busted on sneak peeking after you were told NO ---- no more bird nests for 5 years -- Oh, I guess you have served that punishment. Now don't disobey again!