Feb 25, 2010


Our parents were always safety conscious.
They didn't take us to see the dangerous killer whales at Marineland.

They took us to see the surfing dog show.


Bubbashelby said...

Careful - I heard that dog bites!

Brian Ashmore said...

Are you sure that's not a dolphin that needs a haircut?

Brett said...

Speaking of animals and water, the kids and I saw "Twiggy", the waterskiing squirrel at the Boat, Sport, and Travel Show last weekend. I remember seeing it as a kid. I asked the lady what number of "Twiggy" they were on and she said #8.

Brian Ashmore said...

Twiggy #8! I guess squirrels and propellers don't mix.

I know we've had a water skiing squirrel at some of the outdoor shows around here, too. Must be Twiggy.