Mar 2, 2010


Mom inspected the framing of our house in the last update on the building of our house Here.

She saw a few things she didn't like and had them tear it down to the foundation and start over.

Here she is micro managing their ever move of the construction this time.

Or I found this slide after I posted the other pictures.
You decide.


Emmalea said...

VERY FUNNY! - and I just wrote kind things about you in that last email I sent! Well - dad was LOLing when he saw this post - so I guess you are forgiven for your poetic license to lie.
Do you boys remember that they laid that foundation on April 1st and Dad had not even signed the papers yet. Our builder felt if Dad saw the foundation he would get over the jitters and sign. It worked.

Brian B said...

I said you decide.


Yeah I remember that!!!