Mar 4, 2010

More on the House

Framing of the house continues.
If you look close you can spot some monkeys in the second story window.

This room would become Brett and I's room when the house was finished.
Brett broke this window one time too.
We were playing wiffle ball in the front yard.
We grew tiered of that game and started playing another favorite game of ours.
I would go behind the house and Brett would stay in the front of the house.
We would then throw footballs, baseballs, kick balls, Frisbees and in this case hit a wiffle ball over the house.
The guy on the opposing side of the house had to try to catch whatever the projectile was before it hit the ground.
This is harder than it sounds.
You had to be close enough to the house to catch the ball which also meant you couldn't see the ball until it was already coming down at you.
This was a great reaction building game.
The only bummer was if you made a spectacular catch no one else saw it.
Great game.
We would play this game until...
1. It was time to eat
2. It got dark
3. The ball got stuck on the roof
4. The ball got stuck in a gutter
5. Dad heard us hit the house
or as it happened in this case
6. You broke a window

I am glad it was Brett and not me.

Someone is in the front yard with a dog.
Let's zoom in.

Looks like Chad to me.
I don't think this dog is ours though.

Little house on the tender box.

One spark and the whole house might go.

Looks like we were in the middle of a drought.
These slides are dated as April and it should have been greener than this then.

Work crews hard at it.

The driveway doesn't even go all the way to the house.

The workers look like they are installing the window in the garage which is now a living room.

When I zoomed in I could see we were playing the "Don't fall in the deadly porch hole" game I mentioned HERE.

This was taken form the giant Ash tree near the back of the property.
I can see the Buckeye tree to the left.
The property sure has changed since these pictures.

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Brian Ashmore said...

Ha! We used to play that game, too! ... only our house was only one story and it was much easier to clear the house, I imagine.

This brings back a lot of memories. Our house was finished when we moved in but there were still quite a few houses going up on our block. Not sure why but it was always fun to explore the semi-built houses when all the workers went home. Looking back, it seemed like there was ALWAYS a new house going up within a block or so.