Mar 17, 2010

Happy Birthyday Mom

I know I am a day early on all of the birthday posts but I figure I better do them while I am thinking about them verses forgetting them and doing them three days late.

Mom celebrates her birthday tomorrow.
She is still in El Salvador right now.

In the above slide she is celebrating her 30th birthday and the year was 1978.
That is her Mother sitting next to her, my Grandma White.

I think my Aunt Carol made this very special cake for her.
It is a classic "Over the Hill" cake but with a twist.

It was made completely of foam.
Mom tried and tried to cut the cake but could not.
The cake would mash down and then it would spring back up.

"Come on old lady!" "Are you to old to even cut a cake?" were remarks that could be heard from shouted from loving family members.

I thought it was great.
I also thought this was one of my Aunts best cakes, pure icing!
All us kids licked it clean that afternoon.

Here is Mom on her first birthday.
She has the lamb cake that our family traditionally has to celebrate the first year of life.


Follow up

Chad's birthday is today and he and his wife, Cathy, stopped by to say hello.



Me said...

Happy Birthday Chad and Emmalea!!

Emmalea said...

Hard to believe we didn't get to celebrate Chad's big 4-0. Maybe since we didn't get together he can stay 39.
This is my first birthday since meeting Ted that we haven't been together - but thanks to SKYPE I at least get to talk with him. This is also the first birthday I have spent in another country. AND - this will be the first year I am qualified for Social Security. So it is a birthday I will never forget.
Thanks ME for the wishes.