Apr 25, 2008

James Garner

Sorry for the delay in posting but work kept me too busy for awhile but I think I am caught up for now.

Here is Mom standing next to the actor Jame Garner.

This is at the Indianapolis 500 track, I think he drove the pace car that year.

You will notice some damage to the fence that is between them. Let me explain this.

My brother Brett and I had made a couple of cool necklaces from pull tabs off of aluminum cans we found laying every where and a free Salt Walter buttons.

We were setting on top of a couple of 55 gallon drums outside of the pit exit when some guy on the track side of the fence comes by and says "Cool necklaces fellas."

We say "Thanks" and try to look past him to see the cars on the track.

About this time we notice our Mom slamming into the fence at full speed.

We don't know what is going on but our Mom is now trying to climb the fence.

She settles down and poses for this picture with a man we do not know.

After he left we asked who he was, Mom told us he is in "The Rockford Files" T.V. show.

I knew it was on T.V. but always turned the channel when I saw it.

Dad said he was a cowboy on an older show called "Maverick" but we hadn't ever seen that one either.

Years later. After having this slide blown up to an 8x10 and hanging prominently on the wall of our home I know who he is.

He is a guy who appreciates homemade jewelry and is kind enough to pose with a crazy woman.

Apr 24, 2008

News From Iraq

This is Justin Butler. Grandson of George and Pearl, Son of Greg and Nancy.

I hope they don't mind if I post his letter.

Things are going fine over here, just a little busy. I usually work from about 830 in the morning to about 1230 at night. Long days out here. The weather recently has been pretty bad. A lot of sandstorms and wind. Everything is covered in dust and sand and it gets really annoying. Other then that things are fine.

I'll send some pictures of my office area and living area later when I dig up my camera. The living area isn't all that bad. Luckily I scammed my own living can so I don't have a roomate. They are like really small dorm rooms with a little bed, wall locker, and night stand. Nothing to fancy but enough to be comfortable. I'm only in there seven hours a day anyway and I'm asleep that whole time so it doesn't really make a difference.

Most of those pictures i sent are from a patrol in the marketplace "sook" in one of the cities around here. We went through to meet a lot of the shop owners, kids, and people in the city. It went pretty well. The kids get pretty annoying after awhile because all they do is ask for candy, soccer balls, and anything that you have on your person.

All right well I"m outta here.

Pray for Justin and all our soldiers around the world.

Down Home

Uncle Ike, Grandma, Grandpa, Me, and Dad.

Back of Marks head? Mom, Chad in the tent, Uncle Jack and Uncle Ike. (1972)
We often camped in Grandma and Grandpa Butlers yard.

Uncle Joe Fred and Brad? (1978)

Uncle Jack and Aunt Connie

Here is a picture of Uncle Jack and Aunt Connie outside their home in Florida.

We stayed the night there once and caught chameleons.

We brought one home and it lived for quite awhile in a terrarium we had.

Jack told us stories about hazing that he went through in football that I would love to tell you but can't.

Aunt Connie

These next few picture are for a baby shower thrown for Jack and Connie at our house.

It must have been a big deal because three of the Carter's were there!

Here is Aunt Dixie and Leslie Kay.

Uncle Leslie, Steve and Uncle Jack.

Uncle Jack and Uncle Leslie.

Aunt Dixie, Aunt Odell, some kid I don't know and Danita Turner.

Mom, Uncle Jack and Georgenia.

Leslie Kay.

Aunt Connie (Cristie), Georgenia, Sharon, back of Niki's head and Aunt Nancy.

Uncle Jack.

Notice how much the house has changed.

Apr 22, 2008

Many Faces of Dad

Mom commented on the post "Old Old Pictures".

"Dad has many faces. The baby photo here - I think Joel's baby pictures look like him. The Gunslinger - I think looks like Blake. Joel and Blake don't really look much alike at all. In his teens - Dad turns back to looking a bit like Levi - but also I see Kye. Kye and Levi don't favor one another at all. So far - at least Dad and I don't look alike...DO WE?!!!"

I do agree with Mom, I have seen all the Butler similarity at some point in time in all of us males.

Here are some of the many faces of Dad over the years.

Young and bearded.

Hip and trendy.

The sportsman.

Mean and clean with a hint of sideburns.

Wild and woolly.
And some time accused of being cold.

As far as Dad and Mom looking like each other.....the photoshop, I mean the court is still out on that one.

Apr 17, 2008


Here is Mom with a couple of dogs we had.

I am going to guess at their names, I think it was Boscoe and Roscoe.

I was never a big fan of Dogs and I always wondered why, Then I found this photo.
Now we have two cool dogs at home.

Sam and Scooby.

Elaine is writing a book about Sam and I am working on the illustrations.

Here is a sample.

Scooby's has a blog. Link

He also has a Facebook where he chats with his friends. (Current count Scooby has 50 friends)
Dogs are mans beast friends.

Apr 16, 2008

Mom and Dad

I don't know the story behind this picture.

Is this before you were married or after?

How old are you? Who took it?

What did you do with that cool lamp shade?

Head the warning below.

Apr 15, 2008

Old Old Pictures

Here are a couple more picture of Dad in his youth.

The bottom one I believe was taken by Mattie Lamont.

Mattie was my uncle and a professional photographer. (So is my Mother)

He was an interesting fellow. He was married to my Aunt Trixie and when I knew him he owned and operated a hotel in Thompkinsville, Kentucky.

His son told me that he was a very decorated eagle scout in the boys scouts and did got to be one by doing things they don't allow any more. Like making his own boat and sailing around lake Michigan. Cool!

He took a mean picture of my Dad the gun slinger too.

Apr 14, 2008

Dad's Birthday

Sorry for no posts but I was out of town last week and didn't have access to a computer.

While away I missed my Dad's birthday.

Mom took him to see........ you guessed it "Leatherheads".

He said he enjoyed it.

Happy belated, Amish birthday Dad.

Apr 7, 2008

Leatherhead 2

Mom must like Dad as a Leatherhead because she has been playing with the picture.

She has sepia toned it and now he looks as natural as can be.

Apr 4, 2008


Clingmans dome!

What a hike. I have done it a few time and every time it has been the same, you could barley see the ground from the observation tower.

I guess the mountain deserves the name smoky.

Brett and Chad love to pose don't they? They are Vogueing it big time in this one.

Mom looks like she carried me up the hill and for that matter so do I.

Apr 3, 2008


Here is Dad on the high school football team.

He is an original leather head.

Mom saw the trailer for the movie "Leatherheads" and has been calling him that now.

He does fit in this crowd.Link to the movie trailer.

Apr 2, 2008

Uncles and an Aunt

This is at our Uncle George's house during one of the many family gatherings we had there.

Uncle Jack is in the middle with Brett then Chad to his right.

On Uncle Jacks left is Uncle Kenneth and my guess is Aunt Odell walking toward him.

Four of the five are looking to the right, because this is where uncle George would be cooking the chicken.

Nothing better.

Apr 1, 2008

Fashion School

Here I think we have Chad graduating from fashion school.

Cool man, cool.

Reminds me of a song "Every girls crazy bout a sharp dressed man".