Apr 17, 2008


Here is Mom with a couple of dogs we had.

I am going to guess at their names, I think it was Boscoe and Roscoe.

I was never a big fan of Dogs and I always wondered why, Then I found this photo.
Now we have two cool dogs at home.

Sam and Scooby.

Elaine is writing a book about Sam and I am working on the illustrations.

Here is a sample.

Scooby's has a blog. Link

He also has a Facebook where he chats with his friends. (Current count Scooby has 50 friends)
Dogs are mans beast friends.

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Emmalea said...

Bosco was a white german shepherd mix - I think we gave him away because he wanted to eat the garbage men. I can't remember these pups names - but they pointed dishrags very well - then someone stole them....same as our red Irish Setter - Shamus :o( -- Your first dog was BeBEE a beagle pup from Kentucky, died of distemper. After the 2 pups in this photo, there was the English Setter, Lady. She made it to Trafalgar with us. I think there are still deep scrathes on the door jam in the garage (under the paneling) where she tried to claw her way out. I don't remember what happened to Lady -- just that Dad did NOT like dogs around our house! Sambo was ran over on the road.We had him put to sleep. 2D-Flo - disappeared - we think with a pack of wild dogs. Gretchen was a schnocker (schnauser/cocker mix)- she was poisened. Don't give your dogs to us!