Apr 25, 2008

James Garner

Sorry for the delay in posting but work kept me too busy for awhile but I think I am caught up for now.

Here is Mom standing next to the actor Jame Garner.

This is at the Indianapolis 500 track, I think he drove the pace car that year.

You will notice some damage to the fence that is between them. Let me explain this.

My brother Brett and I had made a couple of cool necklaces from pull tabs off of aluminum cans we found laying every where and a free Salt Walter buttons.

We were setting on top of a couple of 55 gallon drums outside of the pit exit when some guy on the track side of the fence comes by and says "Cool necklaces fellas."

We say "Thanks" and try to look past him to see the cars on the track.

About this time we notice our Mom slamming into the fence at full speed.

We don't know what is going on but our Mom is now trying to climb the fence.

She settles down and poses for this picture with a man we do not know.

After he left we asked who he was, Mom told us he is in "The Rockford Files" T.V. show.

I knew it was on T.V. but always turned the channel when I saw it.

Dad said he was a cowboy on an older show called "Maverick" but we hadn't ever seen that one either.

Years later. After having this slide blown up to an 8x10 and hanging prominently on the wall of our home I know who he is.

He is a guy who appreciates homemade jewelry and is kind enough to pose with a crazy woman.

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