Apr 22, 2008

Many Faces of Dad

Mom commented on the post "Old Old Pictures".

"Dad has many faces. The baby photo here - I think Joel's baby pictures look like him. The Gunslinger - I think looks like Blake. Joel and Blake don't really look much alike at all. In his teens - Dad turns back to looking a bit like Levi - but also I see Kye. Kye and Levi don't favor one another at all. So far - at least Dad and I don't look alike...DO WE?!!!"

I do agree with Mom, I have seen all the Butler similarity at some point in time in all of us males.

Here are some of the many faces of Dad over the years.

Young and bearded.

Hip and trendy.

The sportsman.

Mean and clean with a hint of sideburns.

Wild and woolly.
And some time accused of being cold.

As far as Dad and Mom looking like each other.....the photoshop, I mean the court is still out on that one.

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Emmalea said...

Mean and clean is my favorite - however - he doesn't look mean in this one. Dad does show his tolerancy in his trendy look. However, he must have been pretty comfortable in the look to strike that pose for the camera. The icy beard indicates he REALLY loved the outdoors - to the point of freezing his whiskers off. I think the boys liked Dad hairy, since they all sport some sort of lip or chin growth. Even Levi and Kye have quite a crop accumulating. I surprized Joel last week when I guessed that he had shaved. Blake is anticipating the manly look. He was so proud to show Nana and Papaw his first arm pit hairs. (We loved it!)

Dad's "dome" is getting sparse o covering. I have asked him to shave his head so he could look his baby pictures or his sons - but so far - he is resising my suggestions. I do like his hairy face now.---but I still would like to see him do the shaved head for a while. His hair would grow back --- wouldn't it?