Apr 15, 2008

Old Old Pictures

Here are a couple more picture of Dad in his youth.

The bottom one I believe was taken by Mattie Lamont.

Mattie was my uncle and a professional photographer. (So is my Mother)

He was an interesting fellow. He was married to my Aunt Trixie and when I knew him he owned and operated a hotel in Thompkinsville, Kentucky.

His son told me that he was a very decorated eagle scout in the boys scouts and did got to be one by doing things they don't allow any more. Like making his own boat and sailing around lake Michigan. Cool!

He took a mean picture of my Dad the gun slinger too.

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Emmalea said...

Dad has many faces. The baby photo here - I think Joel's baby pictures look like him. The Gunslinger - I think looks like Blake. Joel and Blake don't really look much alike at all. In his teens - Dad turns back to looking a bit like Levi - but also I see Kye. Kye and Levi don't favor one another at all. So far - at least Dad and I don't look alike...DO WE?!!!