Apr 24, 2008

News From Iraq

This is Justin Butler. Grandson of George and Pearl, Son of Greg and Nancy.

I hope they don't mind if I post his letter.

Things are going fine over here, just a little busy. I usually work from about 830 in the morning to about 1230 at night. Long days out here. The weather recently has been pretty bad. A lot of sandstorms and wind. Everything is covered in dust and sand and it gets really annoying. Other then that things are fine.

I'll send some pictures of my office area and living area later when I dig up my camera. The living area isn't all that bad. Luckily I scammed my own living can so I don't have a roomate. They are like really small dorm rooms with a little bed, wall locker, and night stand. Nothing to fancy but enough to be comfortable. I'm only in there seven hours a day anyway and I'm asleep that whole time so it doesn't really make a difference.

Most of those pictures i sent are from a patrol in the marketplace "sook" in one of the cities around here. We went through to meet a lot of the shop owners, kids, and people in the city. It went pretty well. The kids get pretty annoying after awhile because all they do is ask for candy, soccer balls, and anything that you have on your person.

All right well I"m outta here.

Pray for Justin and all our soldiers around the world.


Emmalea said...

Any reminder we can have to pray for Justin and all those serving our country is appreciated. Somehow Justin always seems to find a smile to share.

THANKS for keeping in touch, Justin! We love you!

Ike said...

Proud of you Justin..
I'm thankful for what you and many other fine men
do to protect our Freedom.

Thinking of you..

" Ike " in Kentucky