Jun 29, 2009

Water Slide 2

Me in my cut off half shirt zipping down the Zoom Floom in Bloomington.

My kids can't believe shirts like this were popular but they were.

The one I am wearing was made as a half shirt but I made plenty of them myself.

Here is one at this LINK.

Here is more pictures of the Zoom Floom.

Here it is today and from a satellites view.

Tarzan Rescues Cheta 5


Tarzan to the rescue

Jun 25, 2009

Leisure Suit Larry

Yeah that is Chad in the center frame with his head turned impressing Melissa.
I don't know who Melissa is but that is what her name tag says is her name.
Looks like maybe a class trip to the Zoo or a farm or something but I love Chads clothes.
He was styling.

Jun 22, 2009

Tarzan Rescues Cheta 4


Cheta screams for Tarzan.

(Note: This is how Cheta is spelled on the View Master Reel so I assume Cheta wanted to not be confused with a cheetah.)

Jun 19, 2009

Here Ducky

Mom trying to lure in a duck for Chad.
This is at the graveyard where my Mom's parents are buried.
The year, 1972.

Jun 16, 2009

Jun 15, 2009

Jun 11, 2009

Woody Woodpecker 6


They told me there'd be days like this.

Building a Church 1983 #2

This is John Brawner.
He was the foreman during the day hours when we built the church.

I learned a lot from him that summer and one thing in particular that I still enjoy using today.

During the day my brother and I carried the block or brick and stacked them on scaffolding in preparation for the brick layers to come that night or next day and lay them.
Mr. Brawner told us where to stack them and how high.

When it came time to lay the bricks Mr. Brawner mixed the mortar while Brett and I carried it (slung mud) to them.
The masons would tell us "The mortar is to wet." and we would tell Mr. Brawner.
Then they would say "The mortar is to dry." and we would relay the message to Mr. Brawner.
About the third trip they would say "Tell him that the mortar is perfect." and we gladly went back to tell Mr. Brawner the good news.

Mr. Brawner said,with a blank expression on his face, "I make it the same way every time boys."
He continued "They just want to say something to show thier authority or control because its expected of them."

I have used this gem of wisdom often in my line of work.
I ran a printing press for twenty years before switching to the computer and when a customer came in for a press proof they always had something to say.
"It is to red." or "It is to dark."
They came all they way downtown to see a proof and they had to say something. It was expected of them.
So I employed Mr. Brawners wisdom many times to satisfy them.
I would go back to the press. Wait a few minutes.
Return with the SAME sheet of paper only to hear "Oh that is perfect now!".

Thanks Mr. Brawner. You saved me a ton of grief over the years.

Mr. Brawner resting.

Bob Sanders on the left with someone I don't know saying "Is this mortar to wet or to dry? I just don't know?". He should have talked to Mr. Brawner.

Woody Woodpecker 5


One more peck for a bushel of trouble Buzz Buzzard!

Jun 9, 2009

Woody Woodpecker 4



Building a Church 1983

That's me pouring cement in 1983 the summer before my Senior year in school.
I am the one in the "Lifeguard" shirt.

I am in the pink shirt in this one and my wife Elaine's Uncle Gene is wearing the red hat laying block.

Uncle Gene laying some more block.
While we were working ( I carried block and mud) I asked him about what it's like being a block layer for a living.
He quickly told me he wasn't a block layer he was a brick layer. Big difference I found out.

Gene and his son Larry is walking towards us. I think Gene is talking to Steve Richards.

Gene was a hard worker and I learned a lot from him that summer.
One thing he did that stuck out to me was when everyone took a break or ate he waited on everyone. I mean waited like a waiter. Filled every ones drinks and got you whatever you needed. A real servant. Nice man that is sadly gone from us.

Larry again and I see Phil Bryant in the blue hat and Junior Richards in the white shirt.

Jun 8, 2009

Jun 5, 2009


I must be doing something right lately.

This is one of my "Bat" Shelves at home and it has some new additions made to it.

My lovely wife bought me this vintage Robin glass yesterday. Thanks Elaine!

Levi, my son, went to Florida and bought me a shark!
The shark is seen here on my desk at work, also look for View Master reels and slides in this picture of my desk.
He also bought me a hermit crab shell with a Bat-logo on it. Cool!

This piece of art is from Bubba Shelby.
He was in a very generous mood and drew two of my favorite things together for me.
Thanks Bubba! And thanks for the great comments you leave here at WMDS.

Be sure to check out his blog HERE.

Bubbas card on the shelf.

This is from another regular commenter who has become a good friend to me and WMDS, Brian Ashmore.
He is the ARTIST for "Batman: Absolution".

He was so kind and sent me a signed copy of his book!
We coined the term "Bat-Christian" here first.

He has also sent me the Batman T.V. series on DVD!!!!!

Brian Ashmore has become a vital part of WMDS with his comments and his support. Thanks Brian. (Cool name.)

Thanks so much for all you come to What My Dad Saw daily.

Thanks for those of you who publicly follow the blog and for those who comment.

I hope to reward a few of you with some contests with prizes in the near future.

Elaine is a winner every night though.


Chad being Chad in 1978 in Cave City, Kentucky.

Brett and I are probably under water playing Man from Atlantis Vs. Aquaman.

Woody Woodpecker 2


Heh, Heh! This will rock him to sleep!

This reel is from 1951.

People say cartoons are violent today?

Jun 3, 2009

Sam and The Flying Saucer Pirates 7


Sam rockets homeward, mission accomplished.

Top Ten T.V. Line up

This is my top ten list of shows that I couldn't wait to watch on television in the 1970's.

1. Batman
This show marked me for life.
I have a room in my home that displays my fascination for Batman.
2. The Lone Ranger
My brothers and I spent many hours playing the Lone Ranger and Tonto.

3. The Six Million Dollar Man
Now when my brothers and I played we made a "Bnnnn nnnn" sound and ran in slow motion.

4.The Incredible Hulk
I can remember all of us gathering around to watch this each week.
After we watched this show when my brother Chad would get mad he would pull his shirt off, flex and growl at us.

5. The Brady Bunch

I still love this show and think all kids today should watch it.

6. Project U.F.O
I love the mysterious and this show had plenty of mystery and special effects.
Think X Files for the 70's.

7. Wonder Woman
A fun show that my Dad really liked.
I have a cousin named Linda Carter and I would go to school and tell my friend that I was related to Linda Carter. Well I am.

8. The Magician

Bill Bixby is on my list again and this really was the same show as the Incredible Hulk but this time he was a magician and not as angry. (I think this show predates the Incredible Hulk)

9. The Planet of the Apes
Scary and fun.
This was a television series that spun off the movies.
We stopped playing army and switched to the planet of the apes.
Same thing we just ran funnier

10. Lucan/Man from Atlantis
I have a tie here. I liked both of these and wanted to list them both.
After these shows we swam under water and ran like wolves.


I could list many more but I had draw the line some where.

I now Tag these fellow bloggers to list there favorite shows in the 70's.

Preacher Wife-Me
Yesterville Toy Room
Art by Bubba Shelby
And those of you who comment regularly please give us your list in the comment section.