Jun 5, 2009


Chad being Chad in 1978 in Cave City, Kentucky.

Brett and I are probably under water playing Man from Atlantis Vs. Aquaman.


Tracy said...

I am just happy to see some swim trunks with good elastic finally!

Emmalea said...

For the record, those were not official swim trunks. They were actually trendy "track shorts". I know it may be hard to believe-but the entire family had matching shorts - AND they were store bought! Somewhere in the archives I believe there is a photo of us all together wearing our matching shorts.

This photo displays Chad's "puddin' feet" That was my affectionate name for his horrible flat feet. Bless his heart. When he stood barefooted, where others have arches - his feet poured onto the floor like a thick pudding. Even a podiatrist agreed - he had a bad case of Puddin' Foot. (and still does.) Love you Chad!