Jun 3, 2009

Roller Skating

Roller skating at the Franklin skate club.

That is me crashed on the floor and a friend of mine, Todd, dodging me.

The year is 1978 and looks like it was just before the skating rink remodeled with all the latest "Disco" trappings.

We went skating quite a bit in the winter for school outings and it was fun to roll around and groove to the disco beat.


Brian Ashmore said...

Ha! My kids are at a rollerskating rink as I type. They are having a day of skating with their classmates during school.

Of course, one of them was complaining last night about having to wear the clunky old rental 4-wheelers instead of getting a shiny new pair of inlines.

Thats the breaks, kid.

Me said...

I have so many memories from the Franklin skating rink. I was there once with a group of Girl Scouts (I wasn't one of them but my sister was) when I was about 5 or 6 - a tornado came through and we had to go with our skates on into the center hallway. Scary!!

Also it was at a church skating party that I first realized my need for a Savior. I remember sitting in the back corner of the skating rink with my big, clunky four-wheel skates on listening to the youth pastor give a devotional. I was six years old and had been to Sunday School and church since I was an infant. But for some reason things really clicked with me that night. It was the next day that I told my mom I wanted to be saved and she led me to the Lord in my bedroom.

It was 1975 - just a few years before Brian was there sprawled out of the floor! Small world isn't it?