Jun 5, 2009


I must be doing something right lately.

This is one of my "Bat" Shelves at home and it has some new additions made to it.

My lovely wife bought me this vintage Robin glass yesterday. Thanks Elaine!

Levi, my son, went to Florida and bought me a shark!
The shark is seen here on my desk at work, also look for View Master reels and slides in this picture of my desk.
He also bought me a hermit crab shell with a Bat-logo on it. Cool!

This piece of art is from Bubba Shelby.
He was in a very generous mood and drew two of my favorite things together for me.
Thanks Bubba! And thanks for the great comments you leave here at WMDS.

Be sure to check out his blog HERE.

Bubbas card on the shelf.

This is from another regular commenter who has become a good friend to me and WMDS, Brian Ashmore.
He is the ARTIST for "Batman: Absolution".

He was so kind and sent me a signed copy of his book!
We coined the term "Bat-Christian" here first.

He has also sent me the Batman T.V. series on DVD!!!!!

Brian Ashmore has become a vital part of WMDS with his comments and his support. Thanks Brian. (Cool name.)

Thanks so much for all you come to What My Dad Saw daily.

Thanks for those of you who publicly follow the blog and for those who comment.

I hope to reward a few of you with some contests with prizes in the near future.

Elaine is a winner every night though.


Brian Ashmore said...

Wow! I'm honored to be in one of your posts! Thanks very much!! I've had a blast at WMDS and look forward to all that is to come.

Batgirl Barbie...heh, heh. You didn't tell me you had one of those. Okay... I guess you can forget what I said before. Now, I'm jealous. I'm sure you're probably going to say it's your daughter's or something like that and I'll be even more lame. My problem is that if something has a bat on it, I want it.

Cool glass!!! Where did Elaine find that?!

Maybe you can fill it with frosty root beer and crack open that bag of Batman tortilla chips.

Bubbashelby said...

Honored to be a part of your Bat-Shelf! Sorry I haven't been around much - or posting much of my own stuff lately for that matter - but I love dropping in when I can!

While packing I came across a couple Star Trek cartoon viewmaster reels I've had for years - now I need to pick up a viewmaster to see them in!

Also, my next Toyriffic post (post date TBD) will be about a pretty awesome viewmaster-ish toyish thingie...well you'll just have to wait and see. :)

Brian said...

Thanks for the tease Bubba.

Retro Hound said...

I'm really digging the Robin glass!

Brian said...

Yea the Robin glass is pretty sweet!