Apr 30, 2012

Uncle Joe & Aunt Betty: Auction

This weekend was the first of three estate auctions for my Aunt and Uncle.

They had a really good turn out!

You can spot my cousin in the middle as he watches the bidding begin.

My wife and daughter Megan went with me as well as my Mother in law.
Megan help me document the day.

Megan was also proud to go to her first auction and get a number.

Megan spotted some recipes boxes early on.

Sadly she was out bid on these.

She took some nice pictures of the glass for sale that day.

She also snapped this picture of me taking a picture of one of the things I wanted to buy.

These were some hooks made from sticks. 
They used these to hang meat on while they smoked the meat to preserve it.
 These were my Aunt Betty's Dads. 
I guess he used to smoke the meat on the banks of the Cumberland river.

I did win these!

One of five cement dogs for sale.

They also sold their geodes.
They went for about a $100 a pile!

I also got two sickles that can be seen in this picture.

It was 82 that day and it wasn't long until we were hungry.
They had snacks for sale and I saw that they sold cheese and crackers.
 Dad said these are a staple concession stand food item in Tompkinsville.

We can't even buy crackers like this in Indiana.
I got mine with pickled bologna.

Elaine and Betty snacking.

Megan chowed down on hers!

I also took my mother in law to Dovies.  She refused to eat one!
I bought some and brought them home for Levi and Joel.

They sold baskets by the string full.

Megan also wanted these owls.

I saw this coconut monkey.
I remember my grandma Butler having one.

Elaine and Megan both bought a quilt.
Megan also bought two garbage bags.  She called them "Mystery bags!".
When she show the to Adam he said "What's in them?"
She said "I don't know .  It's a mystery!"
Mystery solved.  It was pillows.

They sold glass.

Everything in the yard.


Dough boards.




 More glass!


We stopped at King Fish on the way home.  Nice day.
(Yeah I wore my American Pickers shirt)
Two more weekends of sales to go.
Let me know if you are going I have a few things for you to bid on for me!

Apr 12, 2012

Destin, Florida - 2012

Headed out to the beach for the day.

Beautiful day.

Water wasn't quite warm enough to swim in yet. Maybe later in the day.

If you enlarge this picture you can see the fishing lines going out into the gulf.

We walked all morning. I needed to stop and rest every now and then.
This was one of those rests.

What is he looking at?

Oh a boat!


We built some drip sand castles on one of my needed rests.

A little warmer.
We did finally swim for a while but it was later in the day and the water was cooler than I like it.

Levi wanted us to eat at The Back Porch. So this is where we had lunch.

We had to ask the waitress the proper why to eat boiled shrimp!

Windows open up to the beach.

We went fishing that afternoon.

Levi caught a shark!

Then the shark caught Levi!

Another big catch.

These fish were all at the local Bass Pro Shop.

Levi looking at some Zombie bullets.

After petting the armadillo we left and headed home the next day.

Quick trip but a fun one.