Apr 10, 2012

American Pickers- Nashville Tennessee

My oldest son, Levi, and I made a quick run to Florida last week.
On the way down we stopped at the Antique Archeology store in Nashville, Tennessee.

The store is in a retired car factory. (Re-Tire. Cars Get it?)

In the picture above you can see their rooster logo above the stores entrance.

They had many items in the store that had been on episodes of American Pickers.
The tags on them told which season they were on and the name of the episode. This microphone as with several of the "Star" items in the store were not for sale.

Levi wanted this mike to use while he dispatched.

Old shoe display.

The back of the store.

A photo booth that Jack White used in a video.

This guy is a real American Picker.

I wondered what they did with the sized engines they bought.
This one was mounted on a stand and used as a centerpiece. Rusty as ever.

I own (or owned?) a guitar like the one hanging on the left.

Store display overalls.

The sale counter.

We saw this vintage picture on display while we were there.
(Not really. This is Elaine and her sister Diane. I'm just mean)

We each bought a Antique Archeology T-shirt. We did have five grand to drop on anything else. Yikes!!!

A view of downtown Nashville from their store.


Kathryn said...

I just about died laughing when I saw that old pic stuck in with all the other ones!

Mrs. Henry said...

I wasn't expecting that even from you, Brian. LOL!

Charlie said...