Jun 9, 2009

Building a Church 1983

That's me pouring cement in 1983 the summer before my Senior year in school.
I am the one in the "Lifeguard" shirt.

I am in the pink shirt in this one and my wife Elaine's Uncle Gene is wearing the red hat laying block.

Uncle Gene laying some more block.
While we were working ( I carried block and mud) I asked him about what it's like being a block layer for a living.
He quickly told me he wasn't a block layer he was a brick layer. Big difference I found out.

Gene and his son Larry is walking towards us. I think Gene is talking to Steve Richards.

Gene was a hard worker and I learned a lot from him that summer.
One thing he did that stuck out to me was when everyone took a break or ate he waited on everyone. I mean waited like a waiter. Filled every ones drinks and got you whatever you needed. A real servant. Nice man that is sadly gone from us.

Larry again and I see Phil Bryant in the blue hat and Junior Richards in the white shirt.

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