Apr 24, 2008

Uncle Jack and Aunt Connie

Here is a picture of Uncle Jack and Aunt Connie outside their home in Florida.

We stayed the night there once and caught chameleons.

We brought one home and it lived for quite awhile in a terrarium we had.

Jack told us stories about hazing that he went through in football that I would love to tell you but can't.

Aunt Connie

These next few picture are for a baby shower thrown for Jack and Connie at our house.

It must have been a big deal because three of the Carter's were there!

Here is Aunt Dixie and Leslie Kay.

Uncle Leslie, Steve and Uncle Jack.

Uncle Jack and Uncle Leslie.

Aunt Dixie, Aunt Odell, some kid I don't know and Danita Turner.

Mom, Uncle Jack and Georgenia.

Leslie Kay.

Aunt Connie (Cristie), Georgenia, Sharon, back of Niki's head and Aunt Nancy.

Uncle Jack.

Notice how much the house has changed.

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Tracy said...

WOW! I have always thought Connie was so pretty. These pictures are amazing. She is so beautiful. Good thing for us that her inside matches the outside. Jack is one lucky man.