Feb 5, 2010

Front Porch

The family standing in the front door of what will one day be our front porch.

We have got to zoom in on this group.

Mom was camo before camo was cool.
This was 1974 and if you don't believe me look at the collars!
Chad is in his overalls, Brett is the height of fashion and I have my Joe Nameth jersey on.

It was always fun to come down and explore the house back then.
We would come down most days after Dad got off work. We would come down to see what had been done on the house that day or days.
It was fun to climb around on everything before it was done being built.
I remember walking around the edge of the porch pit like high wire walker.
If we fell in it was certain death.
At least injury.
It was pretty deep and they threw all kinds of scrap stuff in there to help fill up the hole.
Maybe Dad said he would kill us if we got hurt.
It was a lethal game one way or another.

Looks like they used the garage to prestain the molding this trip down.

We couldn't wait to move in to our little house on the prairie.

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