Feb 12, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Dad broke out the tuxedo and sprang for a happy meal valentine from McDonald's in 1974.

You might think that is a little sappy.

But hey. It worked for him.

Just look at the love on their faces.


Brian Ashmore said...

I'm thinking a little photoshop foul play has occurred here.

Is nothing sacred, Brian?

Although, I do have to say that no one says "I love you" better than Mayor McCheese.

Brian Ashmore said...

Oh, wait... that's not Mayor McCheese. It's the cop.

Emmalea said...

Good call Brian A! You got your comment in before I got to beat up on Brian B.

First of all - the photo was taken before my brother's wedding -which was in December. It was certainly a noteworthy occasion to photograph. I think he has worn a tux maybe 4 times in his life.

Your edges of the valentine are too crisp - but would certainly pass to those that don't have some knowledge of photoshop. Good eye Brian A!

Also - Ted has always signed any cared to me - Ted Butler - I guess so I don't get him confused with other Ted's I know....since I don't know any other Teds. You fooled Dad with the signature - but not MOM. I'm not sure he knew how to spell my name back then either. hahahahaha

Brian B said...

I had practice signing Dad's name on demerit slips and report cards

Emmalea said...

Dad wants to talk to you about forging his name. Says you never confessed that before. I think he's going to ground you!
I told him I didn't really think you did that - you were never in that much trouble and the teachers would have called me or looked for my signature. I think you are going to get grounded on your bad behavior now!!! - LOL