Feb 4, 2010

Weird Week

Sorry for the lack of posts this week but the space bar on my keyboard quit working.
So I didn't post any.

Did I mention that I spilled a little, tiny, bit of water on it?
What a Boneheaded move.

Today started out nice though.
I got a picture sent to me from my son Joel.
His picture showed me the good seats that he had for the symphony today.

I answer him and received another text right away.
I figured that it was from Joel but it was not.
It is from my friend Brian A.

He sends me this nice view of Montana.

He also said the he had made the "Bonehead move of the week".
He is so competitive.

Keep in mind that I spilled a very tiny bit of water on my keyboard earlier in the week.
This was a Bonehead move.
Brian A. had knocked his garage door of track this week.
He had shoveld snow and then leaned the shovel up against the track of the garage door.
When he went to close the garage door it popped off it's track.
He fixed it and then did it again before finding the shovel in the way of the garage door.

In the spirit of competition he locked himself out of his house and car today.
His wife was on her way to help him but it was gonna take her about an hour to get there.
So I thought I would help him pass the time.

He said it was pretty cold there so I told him how warm I was.
I also suggested that he play with the wagon and I even double dog dared him to lick a flagpole to pass the time.

He passed on the flag pole licking but took me up on playing with the wagon.

He restated how cold it was so I again tried to warm him up by telling him how cozy I was.
I do what I can to help.

Then he tried to blame me for him locking himself out.
He said "I took a picture of the road and how it was snowing on the way home from taking Clark to school. I wanted to see if I could send a picture with a text. So, I thought I'd send you a pic of our snow when I got home. When I stopped in the driveway, I started messing with my phone to see the picture I took while driving. So, I got out of the truck and locked it while leaving the keys in the ignition. ".

Blame me if it helps.

Don't worry he was rescued by his wife.

He looks like he might be in trouble though.

So he is the hands down winner of the "Bonehead" award.

For this week anyway.


Brian A said...

Where do I pick up my award? I hope it includes an extra set of keys.

I'm sure I'll have the opportunity to return the award, at some point. Heh, heh. Maybe next week?

You got me... good. Watch out. :)

Me said...

Behind every great man is an even greater woman!Glad Jen was there to rescue you:)

Emmalea said...

Brian A, I'm sure you thanked your personal Lady "Rescue Hero" lavishly - right? And unlike your good buddy Brian B - I bet she didn't even tease you about your bonehead goofs......(out loud, and on the internet, that is).

So, Jen, did you sit down the street just out of sight for at least 30 minutes? Looked like Brian A was putting on a show for the neighbors.

Just so you know, it's good to see you youngins are repeating bonehead goofs that the last generation did too...except we didn't have keyboards to spill water on - but we sure were able to lock ourselves out of cars and houses. BUT - "IN THE OLD DAYS"...there were no cell phones to get help. We were embarrassed more deeply by those we asked help from. BUT then again - the WWW didn't know about it......... That's a trade off I think is GREAT! hahahaha -- ooops I mean rolf!.