Feb 10, 2010

On Frozen Pond

Playing on the pond next to our house in 1977.

I am not sure who all are in this slide but I see Mom in the center with Brett and Chad behind her.
I am off to the lef,t down on my knees, trying to see through the ice "What is on the bottom of the pond?" "Can I see fish swim?" I was thinking.

There are a group of three to the right that I can't tell who they are.

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Emmalea said...

Pretty sure that was in November. That year we had sub 0 temps and froze the ice before having any snow. I believe you found that fish you were looking for...frozen in the ice. There should be a photo of that too. That might be Trina and Steve but not sure of the 3rd one. It looks to short for Georgenia. Also remember having Gordon Pitman and his wife, Jeanie and their kids out during that time too. We took my dynomite 8 track audio player out and skated to Andy William music. But that didn't last long. The batteries were drained by the freezing temps.