Feb 24, 2010

Snow Time

Mom is feeling the Olympic spirit.
She is doing her Dorthy Hamill impersonation.
Mom did go as far as to have her hair cut to the Dorthy Hamill camel style.

I think this was taken in Columbus or Bloomington in 1974.

The old Datsun B210 buried in the snow.
It didn't take too much snow to bury this little car though.
I still can't believe all five of us rode in this car on vacation.
Dad drove it all the way to Boonesborough, Kentucky.

While we were on vacation there Dad took us to see this new movie, the guys at work were talking about, Star Wars!

A cozy ice covered house.

A shot from the back of the property towards our newly constructed home.

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Emmalea said...

Dad confirmed that my ice skating performance was at Ellenburger Park in Indy. That was the winter before we moved down to Trafalgar.

He also wanted to remind you that the stuff on the front porch was jammed in there because this was the pre barn era.

When I enlarged the back yard scene, I noticed the totem pole to the right midway up toward the house and then I think you and one of your brothers building on that snowman you were with in a recent post.