Sep 5, 2008

Alpine Slide

The Alpine slide in Gatlinburg Tennessee.

I still remember this ride. It was fun and fast.

Apparently it was so fast that my chin morphed into Jay Leno's and my forehead began too bulge.

I knew Brett was going faster than me but wow he is just a blur but why was he going faster?

Oh! I see what he is chasing . . . . a girl.

Maybe I am jumping to a conclusion, maybe there is just a girl in front of him.

Lets look closer and see.

The look on his face is . . . kinda like Jay Leno too.

My fore head looks like it is about to burst.

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IndyChristian said...

Enjoyed your pix, Brian. Would enjoy staying in touch -- drop me a line.

Coach at IndyChristian.TV.

ht: TimT (re McVickers Concert)