Aug 29, 2008


It is time for my families annual reunion.

Chicken over an open fire is part of the reunion but never as fresh as the picture above.

Last year we did have a big fire while cooking the chicken but it all worked out fine.

My Uncle George started our tradition of cooking chicken on bed springs.

I think necessity was the mother of this invention.

Need a bigger grill? Use bed springs. Kentucky ingenuity at its finest.

This is a close up of one of the things that makes our chicken great, Uncle Georges secret sauce.

I always have my chicken double dipped with plenty extra sauce on my plate for extra dipping later.

Bed sprig cooking at its finest.

Tompkinsville Kentucky is the site of this grand reunion.

Where the Walmart closes at ten each night and the roads are rolled up promptly by eleven.
Sadly I am not able to attend the reunion this year.

So dip your chicken twice for me.


Anonymous said...

Wish you could come, We enjoy viewing your site. Take care and God Bless! We will let you know how it goes.

Larry, Becky, and Riley
Ike's girl

Tracy said...

A good tiume was had by all! you were all missed and referenced several times throughout the day.